Investment, Vacation and Second Home Properties in Miami

A seaside metropolis characterized by its affluence and quality of life, the city of Miami offers prospective investors, home buyers and vacationers a wealth of opportunities on their venture into real estate. Explore our selection of luxury Miami real estate, stretching across the gorgeous Miami beach and surrounding areas. 

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Luxury property in Miami's South End saw a 3% growth in average sales price between 2016 and 2017.
The pricing and inventory of Miami's high-end property market remained solid throughout 2017.
The year 2017 saw the average sales price of non-waterfront homes in Coconut Grove grow by 25% in the top segment.
The sales value of exclusive waterfront residences in Miami's Mid Beach reached an all-time high of $15,350,000 in 2017.

A Flourishing Metropolis

Situated on Florida’s glorious southeastern coast, the city of Miami has long functioned as the epicenter of Floridian culture, commerce and entertainment.

Oceanside Exclusivity

Enjoying a diverse visitor profile that includes vacationers from every corner of the globe, Miami has long been a prime tourist destination. The city’s attractive climate, incredible beaches and its reputation as a cultural melting pot have continued to attract millions of visitors each year. Affectionately known as the cruise capital of the world, Miami is the port of call for vacationers wanting to experience their getaway in style.

With its exceptional spas, restaurants, shopping facilities, museums, nightclubs and everything in between, Miami brings together the very best in international culture. Coupled with its many miles of pristine beaches, the city delivers everything vacationers could hope to expect from a vibrant, seaside metropolis.

Offering vacationers a chance to enjoy the city’s wide range of amenities, the city’s real estate market successfully caters to the needs of those in search of an exclusive property experience. From high-rise condos to oceanfront vacation homes, Miami’s property market is as extensive as it is unique.

Home of the South Floridian Lifestyle

The attractive South Floridian lifestyle has prompted a vast number of homeowners to adopt Miami as their newfound primary home. Providing access to exceptional facilities across the areas of healthcare, education and culture, Miami enjoys significant appeal with homebuyers from across the globe.

From its thriving local art scene to its reputation as the go-to location for waterborne activities, Miami offers prospective residents the opportunity to enjoy unparalleled quality of life in a global city. Consequently, the area's property market accommodates the needs of those looking to enjoy some of the best real estate the industry has to offer.

The Ideal Investment Climate

Miami’s high-end property market brings along a host of lucrative investment opportunities. With areas such as Coconut Grove and Coral Gables enjoying widespread recognition as some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the United States, buyers from across the globe continue to flock to Miami in search of a world-class real estate experience.

Enjoying proximity to markets in Latin America and the Caribbean, Miami is often affectionately referred to as ‘The Gateway to the Americas’. Benefiting from its favorable location, international trade has played an important role in driving the area’s bustling economy, prompting numerous major business sectors to call Miami their home. From its expansive tourism industry to the city’s status as a major banking hub, economic incentives have continued to draw business into the area.

As a result, Miami’s investment climate has proven to be an attractive option for those looking to expand their real estate portfolio in southeast Florida. A playground for those looking to catch a glimpse of the famed Miami lifestyle, the city benefits from a steady stream of discerning buyers. Benefiting further from the absence of state income- and estate tax, real estate investors enjoy an ideal climate in which to pursue their business interests.