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With more than three decades’ worth of industry expertise behind us, Alistair Brown International Real Estate (ABIRE) has continued to operate at the forefront of international real estate.

Although our real estate expertise expands across multiple locations throughout the US, Florida remains to be our speciality.

Offering a superb variety of properties situated in the most desirable parts of Central and South Florida, including Orlando and Miami Beach, you can rely on us to help you find your perfect home.

Windsor Cay Resort

Just launched – Just a few miles from the gates of Walt Disney World and hot on the heels of the fantastic success of Windsor Island Resort. Windsor Cay Resort is now selling the newest resort-style vacation homes in the Orlando area. 

Vacation & Investment Homes

Owning your own Orlando Investment Property or vacation home can be a great investment.  In Orlando, the demand for vacation homes continues to grow, and this is the perfect time to realize the American dream of vacation home ownership.

New Developments

The ABIRE team carefully selects the finest properties from around the globe to offer you the best range of options no matter your reason for venturing into real estate. 

Our portfolio consists of fabulous vacation homes and stunning investment properties in some of the best and most desirable locations in the world such as Florida and the Caribbean.

Prestige Homes

Find the perfect home to fit your lifestyle. At ABIRE, we specialize in luxury real estate properties for discerning individuals who are seeking a home that creates a unique lifestyle experience.

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