Investment, Vacation and Second Home Properties in Orlando

With 1 in 5 international visitors to the United States coming to Florida, the flourishing environment provided by the state's central region has continued to attract attention from scores of international investors, home owners and holidaymakers alike. Our portfolio contains some of Orlando's most desirable residences, including both investment property and vacation homes. 

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The Finest Orlando Real Estate

Situated in the beating heart of Central Florida, the city of Orlando combines an ideal investment climate with its undisputed reputation as one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations – making it a prime hot spot for some of the most distinguished properties in the real estate market. 

The Heart of Floridian Living

Enjoying widespread recognition as a thriving holiday destination, more than 68 million visitors descended on the beautiful city of Orlando in 2016 alone.

Home to a wide array of renowned theme parks – which include the likes of Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and the Universal Orlando Resort – Orlando is unquestionably deserving of its reputation as the world’s pre-eminent tourist destination.

The city’s vibrant and diverse amenities have continued to appeal to visitors from every corner of the globe, offering a lively cultural scene that spans the areas of theatre, cuisine, music and everything in between. From the Orlando Aquarium to the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Orlando’s unique local facilities have enjoyed continual development.

The city of Orlando is also host to some of the world’s most distinguished golf courses, which include the iconic Orange County National. Coupled with its extensive shopping facilities and its attractive subtropical climate, Orlando is home to an array of discerning ‘snowbirds’ eager to enjoy their escape in the utmost comfort. Consequently, the area offers a diverse range of beautiful vacation homes.

Unrivalled Quality of Life

The exceptional quality of life offered by Orlando has drawn more than 2 million residents to the city’s metropolitan area. Offering proximity to excellent local amenities across the areas of infrastructure, education, healthcare, entertainment and more, the city has become a prime destination for those wanting to put down their roots. Consequently, Orlando’s real estate market is ideally suited to prospective homeowners looking to adopt the city as their main place of residence.

Partly due to its stunning surroundings, its comprehensive real estate offering and the absence of state income- and estate tax, Orlando’s many benefits make it the ideal place to live, work and retire. The primary homes available in the Orlando area undoubtedly reflect this notion, offering a sense of exclusivity that marks it out as a staple of the high-end real estate market.

Providing its residents with the opportunity to enjoy its many amenities to their heart’s content, it’s no surprise that Orlando has continued to attract distinguished home buyers from each of the seven continents. Recognized by Worth Magazine as one of the ‘Most Dynamic Cities in America, the city looks set to draw many more homeowners in their pursuit of property excellence.

A Favorable Investment Climate

Benefiting from Florida’s global connectivity to key markets in North America, Latin America and Europe, Orlando has long been a central component in driving Florida’s ever-expanding growth. Offering a dynamic local economy and a favorable business tax climate, demand for property in the area has soared – providing valuable opportunities for real estate investors from across the globe.

Orlando’s exceptional investment potential is partly mirrored in the investment climate offered by Florida as a whole. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the state is the country’s leading destination for overseas residential investment, accounting for $24.2 billion or 15% of home sales in the year 2017. Florida’s booming tourism sector has helped to further shape its reputation as an ideal investment climate, with Orlando making a significant contribution towards this development. As a result, the influx of overseas visitors to the state has continued to expand at a rapid pace, having enjoyed a 59% growth between 2009 and 2016.

As a testament to its continual expansion in a wide array of business sectors, renowned business publication Forbes has consistently ranked Orlando in the top 10 US cities for future job growth. Relying on a pool of more than half a million higher education students in the direct vicinity, the city’s future business growth shows no signs of slowing down.

Nowhere is Orlando’s investment potential more apparent than in its real estate market. According to a study by FortuneBuilders, appreciation rates for Orlando investment property vastly outperformed those in many other parts of the country, nearly tripling the national average during the second quarter of 2016. Over the course of three years, appreciation rates reached an impressive 38.4% – more than 20% higher than the national average of 17.8%. With these considerations in mind, the city of Orlando has continued to open up various avenues through which to maximize return on investment.

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